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 Batman Beyond

A New Hero For A New Era
 "A New Hero For A New Era"

Air Dates: January 10, 1999 December 18, 2001
Episodes: 52
Runtime: 21 - 22 minutes
Seasons: 3
Company: Warner Bros. Animation
Created By: N/A

BRUCE WAYNE has retired as BATMAN and lives in isolation. Confined to his estate, Bruce no longer has the strength to fight and can only watch as a new generation of evil-doers quickly takes control. But the legend of Batman is reborn when a young high school student named TERRY MCGINNIS accidently discovers the BATCAVE. A surefooted teenager with attitude, Terry confronts Bruce Wayne about his well kept secret and volunteers to take over his crusade. Bruce firmly rejects the offer, but finds terry has potential and eventually chooses to train him for the role of Batman.

There new partnership brings the "hero of the night" back to Gotham and challenges those who had forgotten the name of Batman. A sleek redesigned BATSUIT gives terry a new look, loaded with gadgets, to better tackle crime in the streets. Whether he is gliding over rooftops, or lifting objects many times his own weight, Batman will convince even Gotham's worst to think twice before making a new move.!!!